Fly fishing guide in Quebec, Canada.

Fly fishing guide in Quebec, Canada. Salmon, brook trout, stripped bass....


Based in the stunning region of Charlevoix, 50 minutes away from Quebec city, Aventure Pêche Québec offers a personalized and authentic fly fishing guide service.  Our product is mainly designed for passing visitors to make their stay easier and to give them access to unique fishing spots. Our two camps are located at the extremities of the region (one in Baie-Saint-Paul and one ine Baie-Sainte-Catherine) to garantee an easy access to different experiences. These are promptly adapted to the conditions of the day or the wishes of the client. Even though we are based in Charlevoix, we also guide in other regions such as Gaspésie, Côte-Nord, Saguenay, etc. Wether it’s on a lake, on a river or in the St-Lawrence estuary, you will get the chance to tease either species like brook trout, anadromous brook trout, atlantic salmon or striped bass.


We hope you enjoy your visit on Aventure Pêche Québec  and we invite you to contact us ( so we can start planning  together your experience. Let the adventure begin!

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Let the adventure begin!

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